Inheritance Tax

Not sure what your options regarding Inheritance Tax are? Stephenson Smart can help.

  • Can I leave my home to my family and continue to live in it?
  • I would like to gift assets to my children or grandchildren to reduce my taxable estate on death but they are under 18, is this possible?
  • Can I reduce or wipe out my liability to Inheritance tax by owning particular types of asset?
  • The answer to all of these questions is yes.

How can Stephenson Smart help you

Most of us leave it far too late to consider any sort of Inheritance Tax provision - which means that all too often the financial assets we wish to pass on when we die are significantly reduced. It's obviously a difficult question but it's also a very fundamental one, and one with an inevitable answer - wouldn't we all rather the whole of our wealth passed to the people we choose? Stephenson Smart are here to guide you through the process.

For this to happen, early planning is crucial, and it's an area in which Stephenson Smart has a wealth of experience and expertise. Stephenson Smart can review your estate (or the estate of family members), establish your likely exposure to Inheritance Tax, and propose both short and long-term strategies to mitigate that tax liability.

Specialising in the use of trusts, lifetime transfers and careful will planning, Stephenson Smart can ensure the transfer of your estate to your family and dependants is as trouble-free and tax-efficient as possible. Of course, the types of assets you hold will make a huge difference to the Inheritance Tax liability you'll have. At Stephenson Smart, business-owning customers are advised on the best way to pass this on - and if you have wealth to invest, we can even advise you on the most beneficial investment opportunities with a view to minimising your exposure to Inheritance Tax.

In addition to routes you can pursue yourself (annual exemptions, gifts out of income, gifts on marriage and exempt transfers), Stephenson Smart can also advise you on the benefits of leaving part of your estate to charity - another opportunity to reduce the rate at which Inheritance Tax is payable. Even in the absence of advance planning, Stephenson Smart can still help lessen the exposure to Inheritance Tax with a range of planning opportunities and options.

As well as advising on inheritance tax during your lifetime we are also able to assist with the calculation of inheritance tax on death, and despite the death having already occurred we still have planning opportunities open to us to minimise any inheritance tax exposure. We provide probate and estate services and as part of these we would consider the tax efficiency of the will.

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