Stephenson Smart has been providing audit services for over 100 years.

We have a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to audit services for companies, partnerships, and not-for-profit organisations, with advisors in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.

Our audit and assurance services provide an insight into your business as well as fulfilling statutory reporting requirements.

Assurance through Audit

An audit can bring reassurance to its stakeholders, both internally and externally; with banks, grant providers, potential buyers and sellers, and other financial organisations placing far greater reliance on the figures than if the accounts are unaudited.

More companies than ever before no longer require an audit. However, we have seen many of our clients who have fallen out of the audit threshold retaining our services in this area due to the benefits an audit can bring.

If your company does not require an audit, but you would like a higher level of scrutiny in certain areas than normal, we can offer assurance services tailored to meet your needs.

The benefits of an external audit include:

  • A greater understanding of your business operations and risk.
  • An insight into your business.
  • Assistance to meet statutory reporting obligations.
  • Accurate and informed business advice.
Audit & Assurance

The audit and assurance service we provide is:


Our teams are fully qualified and experienced, to provide you with an efficient and personal service.


Our audit teams are managed by fully qualified and experienced accountants who can deliver the level of audit needed for your sector.


We will listen to your concerns, focus on the risk areas of your business, and seek to assist you with any opportunities we see for improvement.

Audit & Assurance
Audit & Assurance

I am absolutely pleased at receiving a very professional service with a very professional nature. I feel really comfortable to pick up the phone and ask a question. The audit team are unintrusive and very good at doing what they need to do without disturbing our working day. No question is too difficult to answer.

Joanna Searle, Finance and HR Director, Searles

Audit & Assurance

As part of our audit and assurance service, we provide:

  • Fulfilment of your statutory requirements.
  • An insight into your business.
  • A comprehensive set of audited accounts.
  • An assessment of any areas of risk to your business.

We are members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, making us fully qualified to be your trusted audit accountant.

We act as auditors for many and varied organisations including groups of companies, limited companies, charities, solicitors, and not-for-profit organisations.

We strive to listen to your concerns, focus on the risk areas of your business and seek to assist you with any opportunities we see for improvement.

We will also audit the financial statements providing you with an appropriate report.


You may be involved in the type of organisation that is required to have an audit, or you may be seeking one for due diligence. The role of audit in both these cases is to use an external accountant to assess the organisation and provide a report.
The cost of audit services will vary depending on the size and type of the organisation that needs to be audited.
n most external audits, the accountants will review the financial accounts of the organisation and look for evidence to support the figures. This normally involves a site visit that can last for several days to review operations and may include a stock take.
The time taken to undertake a full audit varies depending on the sector, size, and complexity of the organisation. There is a lot of work done at our offices to prepare and finish the audit, we will almost always also need to do a site visit. This is normally for a few days and may involve visiting different parts of the organisation. With plenty of notice, we can work with you to plan our visit at the most suitable time for you, so as to cause the least amount of disruption.
Our audit teams normally include three to four accountants, one of whom will be the audit manager.