Tax Investigations

Being subject to a tax investigation from HMRC can be a stressful and worrying experience. That's why we offer a tax investigation service.

What Does A Tax Investigation Involve?

Contrary to most UK law, in a tax investigation you are required to "prove your innocence". It is not unheard of for an enquiry to last several years and we regularly see Inspectors trawling through not only the business records but also personal expenditure such as grocery shopping, holidays and car expenses to identify potential discrepancies. Personal tax clients are not immune either as the tax authorities regularly select individuals for investigation based on its view that they have "the means to pay".

Regardless of your circumstances, this work is extremely technical and will require significant time by a tax expert in order to resolve the matter with the Inspector. Disappointingly, HMRC does not consider your costs when conducting its investigations and even a basic tax enquiry can result in thousands of pounds in professional fees.

How Can Stephenson Smart Help?

At Stephenson Smart, we offer our clients an annual subscription to our Tax Investigation Service.

By subscribing to our comprehensive Tax Investigation Service, the cost of full professional representation by our experts will be covered in the event that you are investigated. We will ensure that you do not have to simply concede to the Inspector's demands and will "fight your corner" without you worrying about the fees.

As a further benefit of the service, you will have unlimited 24/7 access to an expert Business Legal Helpline which can answer queries relating to Employment Law, Health and Safety matters and commercial issues.

Unfortunately, we cannot protect you from being selected for a tax investigation enquiry, but we can ensure you have experts to help you through it with ease.

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