Business Advice

Business advice and support can be invaluable to new and established businesses alike. Being in business brings responsibility, pressure, risk and a range of challenges. It should also be fun, rewarding and enable you to live a lifestyle destined for you and your fellow stakeholders.

At Stephenson Smart, we pride ourselves on being much more than mere number crunchers. We look to advise on all aspects of your business and work with you to make your business as successful as possible.

The success of your business is governed by the decisions you make. We can assist in ensuring that your accounting systems provide as accurate and reliable information as possible to enable you to make the best decisions to grow your business and make it succeed.

The range of our business advice includes start-ups, preparing cash flow projections and business plans and monitoring the actual results against budgeted targets. We provide management support to established businesses that are looking to consolidate, grow or sell.

Helping Improve Your Business

Stephenson Smart works closely with banks and financial institutions to assist in obtaining and retaining finance and structuring debt.
We can monitor performance and calculate Key Performance Indicators and provide reports, which can be benchmarked against similar businesses in your sector.
We can coach and train individuals looking to improve their own skill sets and knowledge bases.
We have extensive experience in assisting clients buying and selling their businesses, succession planning and exit strategies. We can provide due diligence in these areas and form opinions over valuations of businesses.
No two businesses are ever the same so we seek to provide proactive advice based on your individual circumstances.

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