Audit and Assurance

Auditors are often viewed as a 'necessary evil' and many businesses confess to us about almost being scared by their previous auditors. Nobody enjoys their work being subject to reviews and checks but at Stephenson Smart, we pride ourselves on our friendly approach and ensure that we undertake the audit to help rather than hinder your business. As such we offer a range of audit and assurance services to meet our clients needs.

Most clients have an audit because they have to, rather than because they choose to. We firmly believe that an audit can bring far greater benefits than purely ensuring that your business complies with statute.

Assurance Through Audit

An audit can bring reassurance to its stakeholders, both internally and externally, with banks, grant providers, potential buyers and sellers, and other financial organisations placing far greater reliance on the figures than if the accounts are unaudited.

More companies than ever before no longer require an audit. However, we have seen a number of our clients who have fallen out of the audit threshold retaining our services in this area due to the benefits an audit can bring. Naturally, we will understand your business the more we work within it and this enables us to gain knowledge of the sector you work in and your organisation so that we can provide better and tailored advice to you.

If your company does not require an audit, nor wish to choose to have one but would like a higher level of scrutiny in certain areas than normal, we can offer assurance services tailored to meet your needs.

We act as auditors for a large number of varied organisations including groups of companies, limited companies, charities, solicitors and not-for-profit organisations.

We strive to listen to your concerns, focus on the risk areas of your business and seek to assist you with any opportunities we see for improvement. We will also audit the financial statements providing you with an appropriate report.

Guaranteed Expertise

If you're looking for audit and assurance services, please get in touch to see how we can assist you. If you'd rather speak to someone face to face, we have branches in Wisbech, King's Lynn, Downham Market, March and Fakenham where you can make an appointment.

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