With vast experience in the agricultural sector, Stephenson Smart are the ideal firm to help move your business forward.

At Stephenson Smart, we have been supporting and advising farming businesses for generations, providing business, tax compliance and financial advice to the agricultural sector. In recent times, we have been able to assist our clients with the ever-changing economic landscape to include diversification, installing renewable energy systems and maximising output from their land.

Environmental targets have become a big issue and we have expertise in supporting clients with CAP reform and grant applications.

Farms face considerable pressure with fluctuating prices, environmental factors, and competition but there are also numerous opportunities, including tax breaks - significantly in the investment of plant and machinery, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax, and escalating land values.

Whether you are a smallholder, family farm, limited company or landed estate, we have the experience and knowledge to help grow your business.

How Can Stephenson Smart Help?

Among the services Stephenson Smart can offer are budgeting and forecasting, preparation of management accounts and monitoring, benchmarking, annual accounts, audit if necessary, payroll bureau and a comprehensive tax compliance and advice package where we will consider long-term objectives as well as income or corporation tax due on profits as they arise.

We have established strong links with professionals including leading land agents, banks and financial institutions, and solicitors and have forged strong relationships built on mutual trust.

We have considerable experience in recommending suitable accounting software for your farm including FarmPlan, Landmark Systems Key Accounts, and Sage amongst others so we can train, assist or recommend products to you.

The Stephenson Smart Team

Our team, based across Norfolk and Cambridgeshire is friendly, pro-active and here to help. We are always happy to visit your farm to discuss your business and keen to see how your business operates.

Our agricultural specialists will be able to advise on all aspects of business and succession planning, tax compliance and tailor our service to your needs. Please feel free to call us to arrange a free consultation.

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