Succession Planning

Start your succession planning early and get a jump start on the process.

Starting early is the key to successful succession planning. At Stephenson Smart our accountants work with you to ensure your long term goals are fulfilled, whether that is selling your business or simply handing over the reins to others.

We specialise in helping business owners to achieve the highest value for their business and keep as much of the proceeds as possible by minimising any tax. Our advisers have the most impact when engaged early and can make a significant difference if planning starts at least two years before a planned exit.

We can also help you identify the critical roles, determine suitable successors and ensure their retention with tax efficient benefits such as the Enterprise Management Incentive schemes. Crucially we can also provide business advice as and when required by the new management to help bridge the succession gap.

At Stephenson Smart we can advise on:

  • A succession plan.
  • The structuring and financing of succession.
  • Estate and inheritance tax planning.
  • The implementation and effectiveness of your chosen strategy.
  • Business issues which may affect your strategy.
So, if you're looking for a reliable and expert succession planning accountant, contact us now to discover how we can help you.

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