The principles of equality and diversity play an integral part in our recruitment and retention of trainees, accountants and support staff, and in the promotion of talented individuals at Stephenson Smart.

  • We encourage, value and manage diversity, and are committed to equality for our entire staff. We seek to attain a workforce that is representative of the communities from which it is drawn.
  • These principles of equality and diversity also apply to the way we treat our clients, our business partners, visitors and any other third parties with whom we have dealings.

To ensure that our policies on equal opportunities and diversity are effective, all staff are asked to complete, on an anonymised basis, an annual Diversity Questionnaire.

Our diversity statistics are available on request. A summary of the results is provided below:

Professional qualifications

ICAEW Chartered Accountant (qualified or training) 32.9%

Other Chartered Accountant (qualified or training) 14.1%

Other accountant (qualified or training) 17.6%

Other profession 2.4%

Other/direct support staff 22.4%

Prefer not to say 10.6%


Position within the firm

Partner/Director 4.7%

Manager 20%

Qualified 15.3%

Trainee 27.1%

Other/support staff 24.7%

Prefer not to say 10.6%



16-24 17.6%

25-34 23.5%

35-44 20%

45-54 18.8%

55-64 16.6%

65+ 0%

Prefer not to say 3.5%



Male 38.8%

Female 56.5%

Other 0%

Prefer not to say 4.7%


Staff considering themselves to have a disability

Yes 1.2%

No 94.1%

Prefer not to say 4.7%



Christian 42.4%

Other religion 1.2%

No religion 49.4%

Prefer not to say 7%


Socio-economic background: first generation of family to attend university

Yes 22.4%

No 12.9%

Did not attend 60%

Prefer not to say 4.7%


School type

UK state school 88.2%

UK independent/fee-paying school 4.7%

Other 1.2%

Prefer not to say 5.9%


Completion of university degree by parent or guardian

Yes 17.6%

No 75.3%

Don’t know 2.4%

Prefer not to say 4.7%


Highest level of qualifications

1-4 O levels / CSEs/ GCSEs (any grades), Entry Level, Foundation Diploma 9.4%

5+ O levels (passes) / CSEs (grade 1) / GCSEs (A*-C), School Certificate, 1 A level/2-3 3.5%

AS levels/VCEs, Higher Diploma 1.2%

NVQ Level 2, Intermediate GNVQ, City & Guilds Craft, BTEC First/General Diploma, RSA 2.4%

Diploma 1.2%

2+ A levels/VCEs, 4+ AS levels, Higher School Certificate, Progression/Advanced Diploma 14.1%

Undergraduate degree (e.g., BA, BSc) 16.5%

NVQ level 4-5, HNC, RSA Higher Diploma, BTEC Higher Level 2.4%

Professional qualifications (e.g., accountancy) 37.6%

Prefer not to say 8.2%


Household support received during school years

Yes 9.4%

No 70.6%

Don’t know 14.1%

Prefer not to say 5.9%


Free school meals received during school years

Yes 10.6%

No 77.6%

Don’t know 5.9%

Prefer not to say 5.9%


Primary carers for children under 18

Yes 22.3%

No 71.8%

Prefer not to say 5.9%


Care-givers to family members, friends, neighbours or others

No 84.7%

Yes, 1-19 hours per week 10.6%

Prefer not to say 4.7%